The difference between fancy yarn and composite yarn

2019-07-11 780

  Composite yarn is only one kind of fancy yarn. Fancy yarns have a wide range of sizes, including many types of yarns. In Abstract terms, besides traditional ring spinning, walking spinning, air spinning and so on. Other products such as hollow spindle twisting machine, small needle knitting machine, crochet machine and so on (such as loop yarn, belly yarn, corrugated yarn, hollow ribbon yarn, bead yarn, feather yarn, half down, track yarn, lantern yarn, etc.) are called fancy yarn.

  The difference between fancy yarn and composite yarn


  Composite yarn is made by combining different types of yarn with lower twist. Generally, the finished product count is relatively thick. Suitable for rough needle or handicraft knitting, with rough style. There are also many derivatives.

  Fancy yarn, also known as special yarn, has great potential in material selection, color blending, pattern change and process parameter selection, which helps to increase the variety of fancy yarn itself.

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