Production Method and Requirements of Waveform Fancy Line

2019-07-11 686

  I. Overfeeding Ratio

  Overfeeding ratio is very small, generally in 1: (1.1-1.25) or so. The decorative yarn is clamped between the core yarn and the fixed yarn, and twists to the left and right ends to form waveforms.

  II. Material Requirements

  1. Core yarn and fixed yarn often use the same material, such as 12-17 tex nylon or polyester filament;

  2. Cotton yarn, acrylic staple yarn, filament or drafted sliver can be used for decoration yarn.

  3. Overfeeding ratio of wavy yarn is small and winding is more, so it requires less twist, evenness and softness of decorative yarn.

  III. Equipment

  1. Ring spindle fancy twister, such as single yarn as decorative yarn, the first process uses S twist, so that core yarn and decorative yarn constitute rattan twist.

  In the second process, Z twist is added together with yarn fixation, and the twist is 1/2 of the first process, so that the decorative yarn is clamped between the core yarn and yarn fixation to form a waveform.

  2. Hollow Ingot Fancy Twister

  The fancy twister with ring ingot is selected.

  If there is no fancy twister with ring ingot, but it is winded with a cylinder, then the cylinder must be rolled back to the ring twister by 1/2 of the twist.


  Because the yarn and core yarn can not form waveform without twist, the true twist of 1/2 must be retracted. Fixed yarn - twist reduction of 1/2, core yarn and decorative yarn - plus a considerable twist of 1/2 of fixed yarn, twist direction is opposite to that of fixed yarn. Core yarn and fixed yarn form relative twist direction, holding the decorative yarn between two twists, so that the decorative yarn can be decorated. A waveform is formed by twists and turns.

  4. Other types of waveform lines

  1. Use big belly yarn as decorative yarn

  Because of yarn roughness in the big belly, the waveform formed is large and sparse, and the twist is small. And because of the large twist in the details, the waveform formed is small and dense, and there is a style.

  2. Using two or three rattan twists in the upper process of ring spindle fancy twisting machine and twisting backward after merging, instead of fixing the yarn, the ornamental yarn is twisted around by core yarn, and then the ornamental yarn is extruded to produce cylindrical wavy yarn. Using this kind of yarn as knitted sweater, it feels soft and plump, and is particularly comfortable to wear.

  The article originates from: fancy thread manufacturer